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Appointments are always for a SINGLE person. 

If you wish to book a DOUBLE massage, book again SEPARATELY for the SAME TIME.     Please put in the notes if you would like to have the massage in the same room


It helps us to know where your points of attention are, or where you're sensitive.

Do tell us if you do not feel comfortable with anything and we'll see together what can be done.


Avoid heavy meals before the session.

A light snack to edge off the hunger is fine, but your masseur or masseuse is going to be pressing on you, while you're lying flat on your stomach.

I think that says enough.


If you have an appointment. 

Come on time. Preferably 10 minutes early. 

Time lost goes off the time we spend working with you.


Take a warm shower.

Since you'll be stripped down to your undies on the table, be clean, please. It's an intimate experience for the both of us.

You wouldn't like a stranger hugging you after a long and sweaty gym session either, would you?


Feel free to express yourself.

For the duration we work on you, we'll take care to make sure it's a safe haven. So feel free to express yourself as you see fit.

Sighing, and grunting is not weird at all, We've heard it all by now.